From Missouri, For Missouri.

The Proper Role of the Government for Free People

Must not be Forgotten.


A legislator’s job is to make laws that are necessary to enforce the constitution.  Their job isn’t to make laws that control your life. The loss of Liberty is Equal to slavery.


To protect liberty, the people need to be vigilant, to always be on the lookout against power because liberty is always at risk. Liberty will and can only survive if the people protect it. This is an eternal battle. Those who treasure their liberty can never compromise with power.


To some of you this may seem like revolutionary ideology but this same information is what the founding fathers knew to be true.


The first political writers to influence the colonists were John Trenchard and Thomas Gordon. They were known as Whigs and became known as the Commonwealthmen. They were suspicious of power. In their minds, power equaled aggression. Power is always out to steal liberty and take away individual freedom.


It is always important and necessary to fight for freedom. 

Bio: Rush B. Loftis, Born in Dec 1994, Soldier in Missouri National Guard. Studying Information System Security at Grantham University.

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