From Missouri, For Missouri.

My name is Rush Loftis. I have been a member of the Missouri National Guard since September of 2012. I have lived in Missouri the majority of my life. I am a member of the Republican Party.

My beliefs are strongly against abortion for any reason. If we can’t defend the right to life for the most innocent and defenseless of God’s creation, we simply cannot be the greatest country that God wants us to be.  As long as we call ourselves Americans, we should do everything within our power to defend our unalienable rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

I have enjoyed my service in the National Guard and I believe I will continue to enjoy it. When I joined the Guard it surprised me the amount of soldiers that don’t vote and even more that there are soldiers who are not even registered to vote. I have been encouraging my fellow soldiers to get involved with politics and to pay attention to what is going on. In the same way I want to encourage anyone who is reading this to register to vote and to get involved. You don’t have to run for any office, Politian’s need volunteers throughout their entire campaign, they sacrifice so much time that they could be spending with their families just so they can do their part in helping America stay on track.  People like me and all other members of the military have, over the past several hundred years, served this country and many have died to gain and protect the rights and freedoms that we now have today. It is because of their sacrifice and God’s grace that we are the most powerful and blessed country in the world.

It physically hurts me to know that there are people who are just voting these rights away as if they didn’t come at a cost. As an American nation we should do anything and everything with God leading us to make sure America stays the way the founder’s intended it to be.



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